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Any Jehovah's Witness that has extensively explored the web has no doubt stumbled upon Dr. Gerald Bergman's writings. Dr. Bergman may also be referred to as "Dr. Jerry Bergman" or "Jerry Bergman, Ph.D." Dr. Bergman was brought up as a Jehovah's Witness but seemingly could not abide by its standards. He has now made it his life's work to write rather long and shallow "scholarly" treatises concerning Jehovah's Witnesses and various topics. While Mr. Bergman's curriculum vitae is certainly extensive, he has had quite a few problems in his academic life. These problems most likely contributed to his employment at a small school named "Northwest State Community College." One fact that he never seems to mention in his writings concerning Jehovah's Witnesses is the criticism of his methods and conclusions in such research from the academic world and his peers. In fact, he previously was denied tenure from Bowling Green State University for reasons that included his ethics, teaching, quality of publications and relevance of publications to his teaching. Interestingly enough, he sued the University claiming that he was discriminated against due to his failure to obtain tenure. He has stated that the reason for his failure was attributable to academic discrimination concerning his ardent creationist teachings. The court did not agree with him.

The text of Mr. Bergman's unsuccessful lawsuit.
The court's holding concerning his lawsuit and the reasons he was denied tenure.

The text of a case where Mr. Bergman fails as an expert witness in attacking the Jehovah's Witnesses.

The text of a case where Mr. Bergman testifies concerning a child custody case and psychology.
The court's opinion concerning Mr. Bergman's methodology and conclusions.

Recently, Richard Singelenberg of the University of Utrecht reviewed Mr. Bergman's "Jehovah's Witnesses. A Comprehensive and Selectively Annotated" in the Spring issue of Sociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review©. His review of Mr. Bergman's supports the opinions of the University faculty that denied Bergman's tenure above.

I am also continually amazed by the use of some anti-Jehovah's Witnesses websites by those who profess to be Christians. Many such sites are actually owned and maintained by agnostics and atheists. Such people not only are opposed to Jehovah's Witnesses but to all Christian groups. A very good example of this fact can be demonstrated with reference to a person named Kent Steinhaug, who owns and maintains a website dedicated to opposing the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses. For a sampling of Mr. Steinhaug's views concerning religion, as well as an understanding of the type of person he is, please view his own words. At the beginning of this series of posts, the reader will find Mr. Steinhaug's letter complaining about his materials' inclusion on this site and my response to it.

Kent Steinhaug's own words.

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